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Angela L. Keith, PhD, LPC

Licensed Psychologist

Angela was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She came to the field of psychology by way of her interest in theatre. She completed her undergraduate work at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin in Theatre, Art History and Environmental Biology. After graduating, she was lucky enough to work as an actor with several children's theatre companies providing "edu-tainment". During that time, Angela was amazed by the strength theatre held as a teaching tool. While touring the United States with the theatre companies, she began to wonder if theatre could be as strong a therapeutic tool. She explored graduate programs in Drama Therapy (it is a real thing!) and realized she did not want to move to San Francisco or New York (the only two programs she found at the time), and decided to pursue a degree in general counseling. While exploring counseling programs in the U.S., Angela knew she was looking for a school in a small community that could focus on the individual needs of the student. She was drawn to Northern Arizona University and Flagstaff, Arizona. She moved to Flagstaff initially to complete her Masters' in Community Counseling. After completing the program in two years, she realized her learning was not done. She applied to the doctorate program in Counseling Psychology at NAU and was delighted when she was admitted.During her study in the doctorate program, Angela was working full-time as a mental health counselor at The Guidance Center, the local community counseling center.

She was able to complete her doctorate level internship at The Guidance Center and stayed with the company for a total of nine years working primarily with children and their families. She feels fortunate about her time at The Guidance Center, it was an effective learning ground to hone mental health skills. In 2009, Angela left The Guidance Center and tried her hand at private practice. She has been fortunate to work with many of the great professionals in the community. Angela considers herself a generalist, having experience in many different mental health concerns including: depression, anxiety, self-injurious (cutting) behaviors, family conflict, communication issues, anger, self-esteem concerns, addiction issues, eating disorders, and general personal growth. She works with all genders and ages, and also offers comprehensive psychological testing to assist in diagnostic clarification, cognitive functioning and to assist in making recommendations for treatment. In regards to theoretical approach, Angela considers herself an integrative therapist, pulling from many theories depending on the needs of the clients. Some more prominent styles include rational-emotive behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, positive behavior support, and Rogerian therapy. In her spare time, when there is some, Angela is an avid soccer fan/player, still has a passion for theatre, loves to hike and be outdoors, knits, and volunteers for Grand Canyon Youth.

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