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my first go ...

Hi everyone!

I am not really sure who might be reading this blog ... I have not done an incredible job in promoting my new website ... but my little "visitor" counter indicates I've had some visits ... most for less than 30 seconds.

In any case, I do hope to start a blog in the new future. My plan is for the blog to be a positive place to post thoughts and feelings about mental health. I have a desire to work towards de-stigmatizing mental health issues. Though I truly believe we have become better in talking about mental health issues, it is often after tragedy (mass shootings; bombings) that the subject comes to focus.

I believe mental health care is not a commodity, but a right. Everyone deserves to have mental health care available to them. Also, they have a right not to feel ashamed when seeking services or needing to ask for help. Support is important to the human condition ... and where better to find it than in a safe environment where you get to talk about yourself for an hour!

I am not sure how profound I am actually going to get on this blog ... better chance it becomes a vector for my humorist prose. However, I hope you come back to visit ... if I get a good feedback, maybe I'll even get better at promoting new blog posts!

Please remember to be loyal to yourself!


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